About us

The biggest producer of bio organic fertilizers with an annual production capacity of 65000 tons

Golestan Caspian Fertilizer Co. with the registration No.402583 & the permission No.202597 was established in 2012.

Having an annual production capacity of 65000 tons, this company is the largest industrial producer of bio organic fertilizer in Middle East.
This company is located in Gonbad Kavous Golestan Province.

This company has received all the necessary & legal permissions from related organizations. In addition to producing fertilizers with the highest standards of European Union, this company plays an important role in the agriculture industry of the country in terms of national production and the costs of production.

Increasing the use of organic fertilizer in plant nutrition is one of the major objectives of this company.
This can help us to protext the ecosystem of the country.

Also, responding to the needs of domestic markets, attracting foreign markets, & offering  high-quality products in the markets are the other objective of this production complex.

 Organic Fertilizers

Amount of usage(kg/ha) Crop
 600-900  Pistachio, almond, and walnut trees
 600-800  Fruit, citrus, kiwifruit, and similar trees
 600-1000  Vegetables and summer crops, tomato, cucumber, strawberry
 600-700  Greenhouse crops
 600-800  Grape
 600-800  Potato and onion
 1000-1700  Green space, lawn, and decorative trees
 500-700  Flower and decorative plants